Our Works

For the past 20 years we have undertaken and completed a lot of projects under our name.


We run a home (orphanage) of boys & girls aged 5 to 16 years old from disadvantaged backgrounds providing them food, shelter and education. We provide a safe and secure environment for these vulnerable children.

Old Age Home

With modern comfortable rooms and food, Our old age home provided some beautiful facilities for elderly people, which helps them to lead a better lifestyle at a reasonable cost.

Prevention of Domestic Violence

The competent authorities and organisations are obliged to give priority consideration to domestic violence and do everything in their power to protect victims thereof.

Education of individuals

A primary goal of individual education is to make children self-sufficient, giving them the mean to become a productive member of society; to become mature and self-reliant.

Organisation of Sports Events

Sports events plays very important role in life. On the one hand they are important, because they help children acquire sport-specific theoretical and practical knowledge, develop their motoric skills.

Improving livelihood of poor children

We want to Create economic opportunities and improve access to nutritious food, so Childrens living in poverty can build better lives.

Promotion of Child Rights

We protecting and promoting child right by working according to an innovative framework of activities and event.

Promotion of Women Empowerment

Women's empowerment can be defined to promoting women's sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others.