Sponsorship Proposal

The National Welfare team gladly invites individuals or companies to be a part of our game and other events by providing us sponsorships, which would benefit both the company and our organisation. We arrange a minimum of 12 events each year, both nationally and internationally. We also hold several events both on district and block level.
Our organisation is proud to announce that the sponsor will not only be benefitted by being a part of our family but also be glad to help a cause which will enlighten several others. The sponsor would be provided the following benefits when they join us:

Sponsorship benefits :

  The sponsor will have his logo and brand displayed throughout the year in each and every event we arrange. The events that we arrange are more than twelve in number.

  In the events that we hold internationally, nationally, district and block level, the sponsor will receive special coverage and mileages.

  The sponsor will have his brand in several of our coverages, for example, our websites, printed advertisements, hoardings, social medias and email

  he sponsor will also be provided with coverage in five media channels.

  The sponsor will also gain special coverage in the beforementioned channels with company and business leader byte.

By being a part of our journey to uphold our believes and value, the sponsor will help our entire organisation be uplifted to a new height. The fund that we procure are used for the benefit of economically unstable families, education of children, promotion of Senior Citizen rights and prevention of domestic violence. The organisation for the past twenty years has been successful in building orphanages and old age homes, which has inevitably saved the lives of thousands and are constantly improving the lifestyle of such individuals.

We would be highly benefitted if such individuals, companies, brands, association help us sponsor our events and help to promote our nation and organisation be the beacon of hope, truth and justice.