Oldage Home



1. Single Seated Accommodation:

With one bed, attached bathroom and other necessary facilities.

2. Double Seated Accommodation:

Two persons are to be residing in a separate bed with attached bathrooms etc.

3. Dormitory System:

Three persons are to be accommodated in a room with attached bathroom.

Milan Aashram Address :

Rohanda Panchayat, P.S. Madhyamgram, Rajbati, Kajial Para,Kolkata 700135

There are so many old people in our society neither have kids nor are being taken care by their children in as much as money dominates the authentic love and care for their parents. National Welfare Team provides a home for the senior citizens with a very good atmosphere and the conditions that are very natural with good water, timely food, a temple, and a library to spend their time usefully.
National Welfare Team has started one excellent “HOME FOR AGED” near Rajarhat, Kolkata.
The home has got a large campus of about 3 bigha’s of land with garden, surrounded by trees, excellent green and pollution free atmosphere.The home is consisting of Two-stored building with modern accommodation.

Conditions and details for admission

Elders above the age group of 50 are normally admitted

Elders with good health are normally admitted i.e. they should manage forthemselves for washing, cleaning, and other basic requirements.

Aged persons of both sexes are admitted

Relatives are allowed to see the elders at any time. They are not allowed to stay intheir room under any circumstances without the written permission from National Welfare Trustmanagement.

Elders can actively participate in the activities like daily prayers and otherfunctions.

Elders can come forward to assist in rendering services to the orphans likeconducting studies’ session, teaching them worldly experiences, teach dance, drill,drama, and/or any other co- curricular and extra-curricular activities in which theyhave been working, and/or trained for.

Senior citizens who have the experience inoffice administration can render services in the administration side, by giving a helpinghand. Any types of services are accepted.

Smoking or other intoxicating items/habits are NOT encouraged within the HOME FOR AGED premises

If any HOME FOR AGED member decides to leave, one-month notice should begiven and will be allowed to leave then.

Silent Features

1) MILAN AASHRAM: Senior Citizens home is situated near Rajarhat, Kolkata, under Narayanpur municipality.

2) The excellent pollution free area surrounded by boundary wall within 3 bigha’s land with various trees, flower garden, lawns, etc. along with one two stored building.

3) 24 hours electricity with generator arrangement during load shedding and other infrastructural facilities.

4) 24 hours caretaker and security services.

5) The doctor’s helpdesk available for 24*7 in case of any health emergency.

6) The medical services if required in the night is available without any delay

7) The entertainment arrangement is also available as per requirement.

8) 24 X 7 Internet/Email Facility

9) A Post office is available in the area

10) Banking facilities are available in the area

11) Medical store is available nearby

12) Shops are available in the area to buy essential items.

Membership Form