Our Mission Vision


National Welfare Team is already undertaking several missions which will turn our visions into reality. These missions include a functioning society where the poor are not suffering from injustices of the world. We are putting forward continuous efforts to improve the welfare issues of our society. The Welfare issues comprises of support to economically backward families in both rural and urban areas. Our mission combines our values and visions in such a way that the improvement rate of our works increases annually. By promoting a better quality of life, we are providing a crucial segment of livelihood, that is often neglected by the society as a whole. The response that we are getting from our completion of objectives, clearly proves that our organisation is capable of turning dreams into reality.

NATIONAL WELFARE TEAM is a Non-profit organisation which aims to end all welfare related issue that has become a crisis for our nation in recent times. We also aim to provide help to elderly citizens who do not have a place to call home, thereby advocating policies regarding the senior citizens of India. We strive to improve the livelihood of poor children and individuals who despite of having a dream, are unable to fulfil them. We aim to make India into an international standard for well-being. We want to uplift our nation to such a height of livelihood, that the entire world would consider regard as an industry standard of comfort and security. We pursue a goal of making India the epicentre of hope, justice and truth.