Management & Decision making


NATIONAL WELFARE TEAM (NWT) focuses on internal reform to strengthen its planning, monitoring and evaluation function and this type of disciplined management have yielded results for the past 20 years. Our board members are required to appear for a meeting quarterly for matters regarding the future of our organisation. We focus on dedicated management of each and every project that we handle. We abhor micro-managing, as we are not into short term results. We also have a dedicated research team, who researches upon the basic needs of the community and the organisation as a whole.

We believe that decision making is a key part of any organisation. Our skilled decision-making management help in several factors such as planning, organization, direction and control. Decision making involves thinking and deciding before doing and its part of our function. The key strength of our decision-making capabilities is our values and principles that we use to guide our members.


Core Committee

Mr. Milan Kumar Maji

Founder, President

Social Worker

Birendra Kamal

General Secretary

Business Man

Suman Roy


Business Man

Tapas Nanda

Vice President

Social Worker

Swapan Kumar Mukherjee

Vice President

Senior Journalist